Patchs de Warcraft II

Patchs notes de Warcraft II Edition

Patch 2.02


  • Eye of Kilrogg can now patrol.
  • Fixed some issues.
  • Added support for gateways.
  • [PC Only]. The registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER is used rather than HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  • Create Game Chatroom now lists resources and starting location along with map size and game speed.


  • Fixed a hack which would allow you to perform upgrades repeatedly, bringing your units to normally unattainable levels.
  • Fixed a bug where sappers would sometimes walk up to the wall, but not detonate.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the menu screens to become unresponsive to clicks if the computer had been left on for 24 days or more.
  • If a player is #1 on both Ironman and Regular ladder, it now shows Ironman stats, not the Regular stats.
  • Map-passing now sets the map's creator code to W2Be (a Map Editor file) instead of W2BN (a War2BNE file).
  • Clicking on the portrait of an invisible unit not your own no longer centers the map on that unit.
  • Previously, if somebody else had allied with you, you could not cast death coil on them even if you were not allied with them.
  • [Mac only]. The application resource version no longer states beta, and copyright notices corrected. ls.

Tides of Darkness & Beyond the Dark Portal

Patch 1.5

  • CHEATFIX for Warcraft 2 Expansion Set

Patch 1.4

  • CHEATFIX for Warcraft 2

Patch 1.3

  • Warcraft 2 Expansion Set ("Beyond the Dark Portal")

Patch 1.23

  • Warcraft II update (coincides with Expansion Pack release) (11/01/96)


  • Fix to “Sound cutting off” problem.
  • Reworked CD-ROM code to be compatible with just about every single CD-ROM drive. Also works if you have more than 1 CD-ROM drive plugged in.
  • Fixed LC 575 play-through problem.
  • Fixed “bad char in vsprintf xx” error.
  • Fixed zone choosing on networks with a large number of zones (more than 64 zones).
  • Now Text-to-Speech works independantly of Speech Recognition being loaded.
  • Now warns when you save a game on a full hard disk (would just silently fail to save in previous versions), and also warns on other disk-related errors.
  • Fix to saved games that was causing loaded games to behave improperly
  • Now imports scrap when application starts up (copy, start Warcraft, then paste into IP field works).


  • Added Copy and Paste to all Text entry, to better enter TCP/IP addresses from IRC connections, and to give Mac Users the edge in “Cheat Code Wars”
  • Auto-eject of the wrong CD if you forgot to put the Warcraft CD in.
  • Puts up abort/retry file dialog if error reading from CD-ROM (the app would just quit in earlier versions).
  • Switches faster between Warcraft and other apps.
  • Can quit from more places in the game (in movies, from the mission objectives dialog, and from the victory/defeat screen).
  • Allows FKEYs to work during the game (ie screen capture).
  • Allows Custom PUDs to be stored in subfolders within the “Custom PUDs” folder.

Patch 1.2

  • Fixed team color randomization
  • Optimized IPX network code (improves performance over KALI)
  • Fixed error when there are too many PUD files in a directory
  • Added version information to chat-room.

Patch 1.1

  • Exorcism spell fix
  • Fixed system specific driver problems
  • Included WAR2KALI and shareware KALI
  • Attempt to randomize team colors


  • EXORCISM SPELL - In the original version there were problems casting this spell near the top of the map. This has been fixed.
  • COLOR RANDOMIZATION - In multi-player games, team colors are now randomized in addition to the starting locations. All players must be using v1.2 or higher for the randomization to be enabled.
  • CHEATFIX - In versions before v1.4 players can change unit types in memory (for example changing a peasant to a wizard), and then cast spells using the changed unit. Network packets are now completely validated for invalid actions to prevent these occurrences.

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